Russ Hatch Highway Superintendent

Otis Schermerhorn Deputy Highway Superintendent

Joe Seeley Mechanic

Jerry Dejoy HEO

Dustin Davis HEO

Seth Gano HEO





25399 State Hwy 23
Harpersfield, NY 13786


Summer Hours: 6am-2:30pm

Winter Hours are January-March: 5am-1:30pm (hours are subject to change due to weather conditions)


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The Town Highway Department maintains approximately 114 lane miles of roads, bridges, culvert crossings and driveway culverts in the Town of Harpersfield. The Highway Department is responsible for repairing, improving, and maintaining our roads and infrastructure, including snow and ice removal, road drainage, street sweeping, roadside vegetation control, installation and maintenance of appropriate road signage, guiderail maintenance and more.

Snow Removal

The law requiring the depositing of snow in highways, shoulders, or ditches, is as follows:  Section 1219 of the Vehicle and Traffic Law and Section 214 of the Highway Law of New York State specifically prohibits the placing or leaving of snow, ice or any other substance upon any highway, which includes pavement, shoulders and ditches.  As a result, should these practices occur, police agencies will be notified of such occurrence with the intent that a summons will be issued to the responsible person or persons.  Also, any vehicles left on the side of the road will be towed at the owners expense since they hamper snow removal.  Pushing snow across highways is illegal and violators will be prosecuted.

Obstructions in The Right Away


During and after significant snow storms, highway agencies, in the course of plowing, often receive phone calls regarding damage to mailboxes either from snow plows directly or from the force of snow being thrown by the plows.  If such damage is caused by snow removal, it is not done intentionally but is an unfortunate consequence of snow removal.  As far as the particular agencies replacing damaged mailboxes, it must be pointed out that there is no statute or legal authority which grants a property owner or resident along a public highway any right to place a mailbox in a highway right-of-way.
That the mailbox is on town, county, or state right of way is a courtesy to the postal service.  Thus when the necessity of keeping the highway open conflicts with mail delivery and receipt, the latter must stand aside.  The owner might even be compelled to remove the box under Highway Law #319.  From past experience, we have found the plastic mailboxes do not withstand the abuse of snow from the plows hitting them and are not recommended.  For suggested installation of your mailbox where snow removal is a problem, please contact our town highway department.

Street Repair Schedule

TBD-Austin Road date for pavement.